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Rev'd Debra Chidakwa Akue


My name is Debra Chidakwa Akue. I was born in Zimbabwe and came to the UK in the late 80's. I am a mother, wife, sister and grandmother too! I have completed, a Diploma in Theology, LLB Law, BA Criminology and Criminal Justice, M A in Christian leadership with an Emphasis on Ethics and I am at the last stages of my PhD in Education and Christian Ministry. I bring you myself, friendship, my style of life experiences of working with the homeless, the incarcerated, refugees, advocacy, and above all Christ's unceasing grace. I am good listener and very reflective individual. I love moments of silence where I let God's spirit fill me and allow me to refresh. I am coming to Leicester Circuit to preach the Word of God, to growth, spiritually and learn new ways of being a minister. I love cooking, baking and I also love a good cup of tea! I love reading poetry and reading a variety of books as well engaging in healthy conversations i.e. the Bible. I am a people's person and I am approachable, love meeting people, listening to their stories, having a good laughter more importantly, praying together.
My journey into the ministry is like a journey into friendship. I have learnt that my own human frailties and weakness is never ever an obstruction in my relationship with God and the Church as well wherever I am called to serve. God accepts me in true friendship totally as I am where I am, and they are no surprises. God has broken down the bar on the door of my rickety shack, the creation which I had put up in the face of his creation. He is coming into me and is renewing and recreating his world, and he wants me to be part of his reconstructing activity. This is the call of mission, evangelism, the invitation to be a Christian, to come from where I am and to be part of what God is doing in this world. My faith in God is not a leap in the dark. It is not a blind venture, nor does it entail a sacrifice of understanding. On the contrary, my faith sets out with a hidden kind of pre-understanding -in the hope that more specific understanding will be given. My journey for the past few years has been of searching, serving, doing, reflecting and being receptive so that the inward reflection begins to penetrate outward.
Rev'd Debra

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