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Claremont Street Methodist Church
Claremont Street, Leicester, LE4 7QH
Contact: Rev'd J Daniel Yovan
0116 2603296
Claremont Street

Claremont Street Methodist Church is located on the northern outskirts of the City of Leicester. The original church was built in 1880 but was demolished in 1993 due to the fabric being in a dangerous state. One of the adjoining buildings was refurbished and extended and was rededicated for worship.

The church has a loyal membership and one of the greatest assets at Claremont is the warmth and fellowship of its people. Most of the congregation travel in from surrounding areas.

Our weekly activities include Senior Friendship Group and Coffee Drop in Centre.

Part of our premises is used by Soar Valley Music Centre who have a very good reputation throughout the UK.

There are links with other Christian denominations in the area i.e. Anglican and Catholic.

Weekday Activities

Wednesday — Senior Friendship 2.30 — 4.00 (fortnightly September — June)
Friday — Coffee Morning 10.30 — 12 noon