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Cosby Village Yarn Bomb

I'm so glad that the yarn bombing was an activity able to continue through the lockdown in Cosby village. Walking around the village enjoying the brightly coloured and phenomenal knitted craft-work made such an uplifting afternoon. Of course I'm biased in loving the Noah's Ark in front of the Methodist Church, with its ever significant messages of the dangers of species' extinction and flooding in these days of climate change and habitat destruction, in turn due to our high levels of consumption. I also loved the amazing knitted vegetables with the exhausted allotment holder snoozing in her deck-chair. The simpler 'hugging' of a tree with a patchwork blanket and pompoms all round was another favourite. I also enjoyed the theme of stories, which can be such a comfort at a time like this. Children's literature was one of the things celebrated about our country during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics — do you remember? In their book, 'So What's the Story' by Barbara Glasson and Clive Marsh, Clive asks us to think about the canon of stories and books that have helped make us who we are. I wonder which bible stories have made the greatest impression on you? I think my favourite is the Emmaus Road story (Gospel of Luke 24:13-35) where, after Jesus' crucifixion, two downcast disciples are returning to their village. Joined by a stranger who tells them stories, they invite him to share some food with them. Only once he has gone do they realise they've been talking with the risen Christ. The story encourages us (among other things) to seek to encounter Christ in one another.

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