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Paula Hunt

May 19th 2020

Dear Friends
I think it took a long time before most of us realised just how serious the coronavirus outbreak was. At first we were told that we just needed to wash our hands regularly, and everything would be fine. Then lockdown was introduced, with a breezy assurance that it would be reviewed after three weeks, and we all thought that the restrictions would be eased after that — but then they got tighter as we watched the infections rise.
In the past few days, I've been watching journalists being told, quite bluntly, that the dates on the timetable to lift the restrictions are approximate — and watched some of those journalists still trying to get scientists and politicians to fix definite dates, even though they know that its impossible.
I've been talking to couples about their weddings, trying to explain that I can't guarantee that their ceremony will go ahead if we postpone until August — or even October. When will it be safe to go back to work? And what about schools, exams, holidays ....
We're being given hints about when and how the restrictions might be eased, and we're worrying whether it will be safe for children to go to school, safe to go to work, safe to visit the people you love and miss. What will we do? How will we do it?
Jesus himself said, "who by worrying can add a single hour to the span of your life? So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today." and sometimes we seem to forget that we are meant to believe it. God is already present in the future, so maybe it's safe to stop worrying about it, and trust God to guide us when we get there.
Yes, today has troubles of it's own. Plenty of them. Why waste of energy worrying about things that might happen tomorrow, when they aren't even true or real yet?
Yes, there will be lost things — people, and income, and dreams — and yet we know that everything is safe in God's hands.
As the future unfolds, one day at a time, God will be in it, and we will be OK. All we really have is this day. And it is enough.
With much love, and prayers that you will continue to be blessed by God's presence.

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